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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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TT^VERYONE talks, nowadays, of the crisis of
JPv culture, and much fear is expressed for its
future. This has become a general opinion. The
crisis in culture is sociologically due to the fact
that there is an aristocratic, qualitative element in
every high culture, which is gravely endangered
by any process of democratization and levelling-
down, by the domination of the mass. We live
in an epoch of plebeian revolt against every
aristocratic element in culture. In so far as
culture is concerned, the new authoritarian states
are truly plebeian in character, and really signify
the dominance of quantity over quality. Gm:o-
Roman culture was aristocratic in principle, a
culture based upon the support and protection
of quality. The culture of the Renaissance was
aristocratic as well. It developed because of
leisure, the possibility of expressing creative
plenitude, it presupposed inequality. Culture
never existed for the whole mass of mankind,

never could be a satisfaction of all its needs and